Top officials with the White House and Republican National

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purse replica handbags 26 points submitted 4 days replica bags thailand agoThe thing that has disturbed me the most over this last election (and also made me switch from UKpol to here because it fucking mind boggling what going on and highly disturbing to people around the world who see you guys as the democratic leader of the world and what happens to you usually filters down to us) is that you see this tactic in a lot of third world countries.It happens all the time with leaders on both sides claiming it as soon as the election is lost (also sometimes valid as UN observers will agree but still it a shitshow irregardless that usually results in riots, violence,death and a fragmentation of society) and usually resulting in the army going in and causing a coup.I cannot remember western leaders ever expressing this blatantly and publicly using these tactics, it fucking dangerous and terrifying and starts to put doubt in the mind of people who unless their side wins no result will be valid as shown the GOP have been urging people in close races to start making baseless claims. Rick Scott has lashed out at election officials over the vote counting in his state, McSally has been largely silent. Top officials with the White House and Republican National Committee, who’ve been prodding the McSally campaign to amp up its efforts, have expressed frustration that the Arizona congresswoman hasn’t tried to drive a message that there’s something amiss with the vote count.Dangerous stuff maybe not now, maybe not next election but this is going to have some aftershocks and there is a large amount of people who seem to lack critical thinking nowadays perhaps it time for voter reform.PureEnerG 208 points submitted 5 days agoI guess the community somewhat disagrees with me, based on the voting so far, but this to me doesn seem to have much to do with financial independence purse replica handbags.