«I thought I was about to witness an accident with the dog

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Replica Designer Handbags ‘I saw the Fen Tiger’ Readers share their stories of spotting the fabled big catSightings of the elusive large replica bags india feline date back decadesSteve Lawrence, a construction site manage from Over, described seeing a Labrador sized creature bound past his car on the Longstanton Bypass on Monday (July 31).He said he feared the «huge», «panther type animal» could pose a risk to children and pets.Malcolm Hobbs, 65, from Bar Hill, contacted the News to share his own eye witness account of a Fen Tiger from two years ago while he was driving on the Ely bypass.He said: «I had been following another car, when suddenly in front of the car in front me what initially appeared to have been a black Labrador dog ran into the road.»I thought I was about to witness an accident with the dog being run over. But this creature had been so quick no sooner on the road than off it again onto other side.»Return of the Fen Tiger: Big cat the ‘size of a labrador’ spotted in CambridgeshireAs Mr Hobbs drove on further, he caught a glimpse of the animal as it disappeared into the undergrowth.»The way it had moved which had amazed me,» he said, «So unlike any dog I ever seen move; the only word I can use graceful.»»It had all the features of a large cat like creature, it appeared black in colour.»I am certain as I can be what I saw had been no black Labrador dog or a large domestic cat.»Mr Hobbs believes that the number of «credible witnesses» seeing a feline creature mean the accounts could not be «dismissed very easily».He added: «Hopefully soon some clear video footage or photographs will be produced; this appears to be what is lacking as evidence at the moment.»On Facebook, Fiona Forbes was another person to admit seeing the big cat. She wrote: «I’ve seen what looks like the Fen Tiger. Replica Designer Handbags

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