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The key ingredient making people good leaders is the ability to care about others. The second ingredient is a sense of purpose, vision or mission. A good leader charts a course and provides direction to those they lead.. The snow started out heavier in the county’s northern end, with the southern end initially just getting rain and freezing rain, but all regions of the county were getting briskly falling snow by rush hour, Mumby said. From a transformer malfunction on Harewood Road. That the Edgewood power outage had been cleared up..

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The Harper government has been characteristically evasive about its reasons for rushing through these changes, especially on a weekend when Christians are celebrating resurrection. It’s simply being billed as an unusually literal infrastructure project. Government operatives, admittedly speaking in the dark, claim that six feet of earth is now inadequate protection against (a) animal predators, driven by climate change to seek new food supplies; and (b) human predators, medical students forced by provincial budget cuts to harvest cadavers essential to their education.

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