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Designer Replica Bags HomeNewsUK World NewsEuropean UnionRyanair is making big changes to its flight compensation rulesRyanair is overhauling its policy that covers pay outs for cancelled or delayed flightsBudget airline Ryanair has announced plans to reduce the time frame in which customers can receive compensation for cancelled or delayed flights to just 10 days.Starting on Sunday, April 1, Ryanair’s claims team will pay out any «valid» claims in the new reduced time frame, down from replica bags toronto the current maximum period of 28 replica bags in gaffar market days.This move is likely a response to the incident four months ago, where the airline had to cancel 20,000 flights due to messing up pilot rotas. It disrupted thousands of passenger’s plans and worse still, replica bags wholesale mumbai saw the budget airline named the worst in last year’s Which? poll.What’s replica bags wholesale india changing? Ryanair announced its intention to speed up compensation payments as part of its ‘Always Getting Better Plan’, The Mirror reports.Under EU rule 261/2004, if you’re delayed by more than three hours or your flight’s cancelled, you could be entitled to between and in money back (although this is set in Euros).Stansted has just announced a new summer holiday destinationIf you travel with Ryanair and experience a delay, from April 1, they’ll clear it within 10 days.»At Ryanair we have learnt a lot about customer service in the past six months, and the two key things we want to do are reassure customers that if you have a valid claim it’s very black and white in terms of what’s valid and what’s not valid, and we will pay that claim replica bags korea within 10 days.This is why an early morning pint at Stansted Airport could soon be banned»We’re also introducing new digital initiatives for customer service so if you want to rebook a flight or you want to take a refund, it would be something that you can simply do on the Ryanair app and we’re also going to make the claims form and claims process much more simplified on the Ryanair website.»Ryanair disruptions: What replica bags nancy am I entitled to? The amount of monetary compensation you can claim depends on whether your flight was delayed or cancelled, how long click here to read it was delayed for and how far you were flying.Under EU flight delay legislation, passengers who have their flight cancelled are entitled to either a) a full refund or b) an alternative flight. This legislation also includes «reasonable» expenses direct costs incurred from the delay of a flight, such as the cost of staying at an airport hotel and any meals eaten while waiting for an alternative flight.Travellers should be offered a refund or a replacement flight within seven days (this may be on a different airline/airport and all extra costs should be covered) Designer Replica Bags.