This is the one on your train who is easy to boot off once you

El Sayed, a 33 year old former Detroit health commissioner and first time candidate, is one of a lucky handful of left wing contenders basking in the power of Ocasio Cortez’s sudden stardom. Earlier in the day, Ocasio Cortez had used her massive Twitter platform to endorse El Sayed. He has since picked up an additional 2,500 Twitter followers and is awash in national press inquiries..

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Let’s say for a moment that you are in a relationship with someone you believe to be the love of your life. Yes, forgive them and yourself, but get them the hell off now. This is the one on your train who is easy to boot off once you find the courage within yourself to be alone for a while.

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The researchers wanted to test the impact the media had on public opinion. They persuaded 33 outlets, ranging from venerable establishments to new media upstarts. At various stages over an 18 month period, each of these outlets would release a pre arranged story on one of 11 broad subjects.

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