hope not and believe not impeachment is too serious a matter to

Democracy can thrive only when our judiciary stands firm, independent of the executive, and discharges its constitutional functions honestly, fearless, and with an even hand, Sibal added.Ghulam Nabi Azadhave moved a motion for the removal of Chief Justice of India under five grounds of misbehaviour, the leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha said.While submitting the motion to the Rajya Sabha chairman, we requested him we have the number required for the motion to be entertained.hope not and believe not impeachment is too serious a matter to be played with on the grounds of disagreement with any judgment or with any point of view of the court.Arun JaitleyThe Union finance minister said the Congress party and friends have started using impeachment as a political tool in a long post on Facebook.is not difficult to collect fifty signatures of Rajya Sabha or hundred signatures of Lok Sabha members even on frivolous issues. To use the power as intimidatory tactics when neither you have a case of misconduct or the numbers on your side, is a serious threat to judicial independence, Jaitley said.preliminary reaction to the impeachment motion filed today is clear. It is a revenge petition after the falsehood of the Congress Party has been established in the Justice Loya death case.

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