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Legislature since 2005. He also served one term as the MLA for Parksville Qualicum from 1991 to 1996. The former lawyer turned politician was expected by many to be a member of Horgan cabinet but was left out in an attempt to provide a more regional and gender balanced cabinet..

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Office Depot and Staples are huge stores that are run by 3 people at a time. If they focused being able to actually help their customers then they wouldn keep losing them. Rather than someone in person helping me figure out the the exact specialty pen I want in about 10 minutes, it might take 20 minutes just to get someone and even then they still don know shit, so the wait was worthless.

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The 7th principle of tough love states when we stick to any stand it creates the crisis. This principle of tough love clues to propel an action. When dealing with those individuals who have become addicted to alcohol or drugs it may be necessary to act in a way that might be perceived as a bit cruel but people may feel the need to this out of a desire to be kind..

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