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Two political Sects have arisen within the U. S. The one believing that the executive is the branch of our government which the most needs support; the other that like the analogous branch in the English Government, it is already too strong for the republican parts of the Constitution; and therefore in equivocal cases they incline to the legislative powers: the former of these are called federalists, sometimes aristocrats or monocrats, and sometimes Tories, after the corresponding sect in the English Government of exactly the same definition: the latter are stiled republicans, Whigs, jacobins, anarchists, dis organizers, etc.

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We all know about the alarming obesity rate among Irish children, with around one third now considered to be overweight or obese. And we know that the projections are that this will get worse if serious preventative action is not taken. The cost to the Exchequer of illnesses and diseases related to obesity heart disease, diabetes, etc is enormous, probably over 1bn each year.

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» (2008, released while Bush was still in office) and Jay

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